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    On Monday the 13th of November 1961 at 7pm, Messrs. G Deans, T Round, R Wiggins, R Stokes, W Montgomery and R Lickley met at Court house Hotel in Dudley to consider and discuss the possibility of forming an association of like-minded people in the refractories industry.

    From the minutes it is recorded that "The meeting was called to discuss the possible forming of an Institute of Refractories Engineers. It was generally agreed that the idea in principle was sound".

    A draft application form and certificate of membership were drawn up; the aims of the Institute and the grades of Membership were also agreed.

    A second meeting was arranged for the 11th of December 1961, the persons present at inaugural meeting would be termed the formation committee and at this meeting they were joined by invited persons who would form the embryo of the membership. The meeting started at 7pm and was closed at 8.40 pm so in 1hr 40 minutes the Institute of Refractories Engineers was born.

    The First AGM was held at the Court House Hotel Dudley, present were the formation committee, 64 members and 7 prospective members.

    The formation committee resigned on block and through a show of hands the new committee was elected:-

    President, Mr R.Mayorcas
    Secretary, Mr R.Lickley
    Joint Treasurers, Mr G.Deans and Mr T.Round
    Council, Mr G.Greenaway, Mr R.Stokes, Mr S.Scobie, Mr W Montgomery, Mr S G Bayley, Mr S Milney, Mr G K Stansfield, Mr F K Parry, Mr S Turner and Mr T Staton

    51 years later as the 48th President I'm pleased to report that we're still going strong, it was after all a "sound idea".

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